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2012: Creative Arts Theater presents California Love: The Concert

December 28th – 29th 2012

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Keith Glisson as Jay
Robert K. Blomker II as Vance
Adrian Beaton as Alyssa
John Paul Vargas as Ivan
Ammiel Hamrick as Camille
Tamara Cox as Natalie
Joey Lizama as Russell
Deirdre Moylan as Olivia
Travis Packer as Brian
Chorus Members:
Kaycee Chae
Jake Lizama
Kanou Simard
Rhonert Pascual
Yousef Reda
Keenan Williams
Melissa Minor
Ashlee Pendlebury
Jackie Agor
Ed Martinez

Directors: Patrick Summers and Robert K. Blomker II

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2012: Creative Arts Theater presents The Holiday Kids Camp, a Special Performance from the Holiday Kid’s Campers

December 15th 2012

Paris Schultis as Narrator
Ellyn Parkin as Doctor Ziggeldorf
Mason Keene as Simon the Elf
Emily Chapman as Angela The Mouse
Kayla Fresta as Michaela The Mouse
Faith Rennie as Sparkle The Mouse
Madilyn House as Flo The Mouse
Georgie Simard as Georgie the Mouse
Kanou Simard as Elmer the Mouse
Sydney Schultis Amos the Mouse
Bella Oden as Ella the Mouse
Baby Mice:
Mackinzie Broskey
Matthew Keene
Victoria Pewterbaugh
Venice Schultis
Elizabeth Chapman
Madison Felga
Josh Simard as Santa
Joshua Casis as Herbie the Elf
Mya Keene as Mrs. Claus

Director: Cherie Glisson
Choreographers: Sydney Schultis and Ammiel Hamrick

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