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2012: Creative Arts Theater presents Wizard of Oz

May 4th – 20th 2012

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After a tornado whisks away a young Kansas farm girl, Dorothy, to the magical land of OZ, she starts her quest to find the mighty Wizard of Oz who has the power to send her home. Along the way she meets a Scarecrow, a Tin Woodsman and a Cowardly Lion who help her on her journey.

Dorothy Rebecca Parra as Dorothy
Chloe Anne Madison as Auntie Em
Ed Austin as Uncle Henry/Guard
Patrick Summers as Scarecrow/Hunk
Michael Alexander Nevarez as Tin Man/Hickory 
David Mancha as Lion/Zeke 
Burton Hamrick as Oz/Professor Marvel
Tammy Austin as Wicked Witch/Ms. Gultch
Katherine Funes as Glinda the Good Witch

(Mayor) Ellyn Mae Parkin
(Barrister)Peyton Moylan
(City Fathers) Cale and Keegan Moylan
(Coroner) Paris Schultis

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