2011: Creative Arts Theater presents A Christmas Carol: The Musical

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December 20th – 23rd 2011

Photos Here

A Christmas Carol is the classic tail about the old miser, Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge pays his clerk Bob Cratchit only fifteen shillings a week, is rude to his nephew and refuses to take part in the Christmas spirit. Soon, the Ghosts of his former business partner (Jacob Marley), Christmas Past, Present and Future all pay visits to Scrooge. They teach him to value Christmas and to be a better person overall. After the ghosts leave, Scrooge is a changed man. He even sends a turkey anonymously to Cratchit’s family.

Timothy Ekstrand as Ebenezer Scrooge
Ed Austin as Bob Crachit
John Crouch as Narrator
Daniel Hamrick as Fred
Steve Bliss as Mr. Carlton
Garrett Botts as Jacob Marley
Kendal Messenger as Ghost of Christmas Past
Venture Olson as Child Ebenezer
Ellyn Parkin as Fan Scrooge
Burt Hamrick as Mr. Fezziwig
Rachell Hearne as Belle
Dave Mancha as Young Ebenezer
Chloe Madison as Ghost of Christmas Present
Tammy Austin as Mrs. Cratchit
Mikayla Guy as Martha Cratchit
Katarina Tschantre as Ann Cratchit
Seth Barklow as Peter Cratchit
Treasure Olson as Tiny Tim Cratchit
Hannah Guy as Abby
Rachell Russell as Party Guest #1
Michel Marable as Party Guest #2/Ghost of Christmas Future
Oliver Einstein as Party Guest #3
Rebekah Hamrick as Party Guest #4
Brenna Caristrom as Party Guest #5
Ammiel Hamrick as Bonfire Person #1
asĀ Bonfire Person #2
Robert K. Blomker as Old Joe
Erica Varela as Mina
Jessica Hamrick as Sally
Kaycee Chae as Carolyn
Jacob Burcham as Sam
John Kerr as Boy
Brooke Jones as Maid

Director: Tim Glisson
Music Director: Cherie Glisson
Original Music: Roger Glisson

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