2013: Creative Arts Theater presents Taming of the Shrew

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Taming of the Shrew

Gentlemen all over Padua are heads over heels for Bianca, the beautiful and submissive daughter of wealthy Baptista Minola. However, Baptista Minola has declared that no one may marry Bianca until her older sister, Katherine has found a husband. Katherine is a violent, temperamental shrew that most men fear. However, Bianca’s suitors persuade Petruchio to court her. Petruchio is on the hunt for a wealthy wife and believes that he can tame any woman. Eventually, Petruchio carries Katherine off to his country house. He then successfully tames her by denying her food, sleep and other necessities. When they return to Padua, they discover that Lucentio has won Bianca’s hand. After the men hold a competition at a banquet, it is discovered that Katherine is now even more submissive and obedient than her sister

Performance Dates:
October 4th – 13th 2013

High Desert Center for the Arts
15615 8th St.
Victorville, CA 92392


Isaac Isaiah-Luke Ramsey as Petruchio

Dave Corral as Lucentio

Sarita Fowler Katharine

Bonnie Hardman as Bianca

Bill Rains as Baptista

Michael Nevarez as Tranio

Blake Hawkins as Hortensio/Lord

Rhonert Pascual as Gremio

Bradley Wieck as Grumio

Russell McDowell as Vincentio

Cydney King as Biondella

Brittany Harter as A Widow

Josh Kirk as Curtis/Huntsman

Ian Lasky as The Merchant

Raelin Hurst as The Tailor/Servant

Paige Wieck as The Haberdasher

Eric Robles as Nathaniel/Huntsman

Victoria Vargas as Philip/Servant

Ian Moone as Christopher Sly/Joseph

Jenny Asendorf as The Hostess/Nicholas

Jessica Kilgore as Peter/Servant

Kyle Shater as Page